Current Events: Googlized

Google has launched a new app!  Google Currents is available for both Androidand iOS devices (tablet or phones).  Thisnew app lets you “explore online magazines and other content with the swipe ofa finger.” You can now use this free app to read most magazines, including allthe pictures and ads that come with them!

Google worked with more than 150 publishers to offerreaders full-length articles from 180 editions, including CNET, AllthingsD,Forbes, Saveur, PBS, Huffington Post, and much more!  You can even download the magazines inadvance and view them later in offline mode, for those users without 3G network capability.  Continuing their recent trend, Google has also integrated Google+ so users can share articles andvideos within their circles.  GoogleCurrents is available now for download in the Android Market and the App Store , but only to US users for now.

For more information check out Google’s Blog Post orcheck out the video below.

Tell us what you think! Will you use Google Currents? 
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  1. Amanda Ciccone

    I was a little hesitant when I saw that the Google Currents app for iOS only had 3 stars. But I downloaded it anyway! My only complaint is that it takes a while to load everything (maybe it's just my connection, who knows). Aside from that, the trending feature is awesome! Also, TheTechUpload should get a spot in the featured category so everyone can stay current!

  2. Justin Gianninoto

    Google really seems to be trying to takeover the iPad, first with the recent launch of the Gmail app and Google search for iPad and most recently, Google Currents, which seems to target the new iOS 5 Newsstand app. What do you think? Can Google compete with the iPad or does it have to compete on the iPad?

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