Does Google+ Pose A Serious Threat To Facebook?

Facebook users watch out! Well not really, since mostGoogle+ users are also Facebook users. BUT Google+ does seem to be growing in popularity.  comSore, which is one of the bestthird-party measurement firms for web traffic has released data theycalculated based on the total number of unique visitors. Unique visitors mean the total number of visits made by each IPaddress.  In plain terms, if youvisit Google+ 20 times from the same computer and same internet connection, youwill still only receive 1 unique view.

According to comScore, Google+ grew from 65 millionunique visitors in October to almost 67 million in November.  However, this statistic is based only on thevisits to, and not any of the side websites or Google+ featureinjections that Google has put on its other properties over the last month.

This is good news for Google+.  However, compared to Facebook, Twitter, orLinkedin, there’s still a lot of catching up to do.
For more information, check out comScore’s report.

Google has even begun TV advertising for Google+ with a quite adorable commercial, Google+: Circles Love Story

To check out Google+, Click here!

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