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This is where you need to be to keep track of everything CES.  We’ll be updating this post with the latest and greatest as it’s released at CES so keep checking back!

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Monday January 9

9:00p Hour
-Microsoft Keynote (LIVE UPDATES)
Check out the live blog from this event here

Nokia 710 will be available T-Mobile soon

800 is coming unlocked in a few months

HTC Titan II will be available soon as well

Windows store will open late Feb

Windows Store will be in every language available on Windows

Free and Paid Apps,

Business can use Windows Store to deliver apps and updates

200 Markets!

Now showing off new HP Laptop, Samsung Series 9

Dell is also announcing a new Ultrabook tomorrow

Steve also announces that Kinect is coming to Windows on Feb 1st! They are working with more than 200 companies to create unique applications — United Health Group, Toyota, Telefónica, American Express, Mattel — and many more.

Ryan Seacrest asks Steve “What’s next?” — Response: “Windows 8 is next. There’s nothing more important at Microsoft.”

“Metro, metro, metro. And, of course, Windows, Windows, Windows.”

8:00p Hour
-Sony Press Event (LIVE UPDATES)
Check out the live blog from this event here

Sony Mobile Communications — the new name for Sony Erricson
Enjoy movies, tv or web content, HD gaming all in an HD experience. “Consumers get the high quality entertainment they have come to expect from Sony.” Xperia Ion. Powered by the mobile Bravia engine — the same technology used by the Sony Bravia TV line.

The Ion will come to the market this spring. The Xperia S will be available globally in March. Both new phones will also be Playstation certified.

Google TV will be ‘packed with new features including a new controller.’ Phil displays the new remote control with touchpad and microphone for voice search.

Sony is launching a new technology — “balanced optical steady shot” — can cancel handshake blur up to 13-times more effectively than previous models.

New bloggie camera is the world’s first camera capable of HD video streaming — can upload images to network services, social media sites. Live video can also be streamed with qik.

Moving on to the Sony Walkman — Walkman Zed (Z) Series, which is an Android-based Walkman with Wi-Fi and also comes with new earbuds!

Now Sony is demo-ing some 3D sports technology. The Sony Open golf tournament will be shot in 3D and they will demo some of the shots at CES on Friday as well.

Sony is developing a new display technology — self-emitting television Crystal LED Display. Sony combats competitors’ TV offerings with their 4K projector and their array of content. They also are “working on OLED technology.”

7:00p Hour
Check out the live blog from this event here

TegraZone, is being talked about, apps that are optimized for Tegra 3, free and paid apps

And can be used with a controller to play games at 60 fps

Now introducing new multi-player FPS game! on the TABLET!

Now promoting Splash Top THD, one of the top iPad apps

Allows remote access to PCs, but Splash Top, without any lag, like most remote access apps!

Jen-Hsun Huang, tries to demo the Splash Top, but the mouse stopped working. Fail…

Ok Splash Top wroking now, brings up iTunes from the PC, and plays some Sexy Back by Justin Timberlake

Everything Works, no lag, and videos are even great!

Huang loads up SKYRIM!

Fatal!ty, helps demo Skyrim


Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS, takes the stage to talk about ASUS

Jerry, takes out of his pocket, a Tegra 3, ICS tablet, and is now talking down the price with Huang

It will ONLY be $249! 60hz, fabulous battery life, 7″ tablet for $249

6:00p Hour
-Panasonic Press Event (LIVE UPDATES)
Check out the live blog from this event here

Panasonic and NBC partner to bring the 2012 Olympic games from London in 3D (that’s over 200 hours of 3D coverage!) They will be announcing more partners in the months leading-up to the games.

Panasonic now introduces their ‘latest invention’ a “Skype communication device that allows you to take your friends and family with you.”

Panasonic discusses their partnership with tv.com to deliver “the most reliable” TV experience, which will be a part of their Viera Connect platform. They are now introducing apps available on Viera Connect including: Flixster, Disney Digital Books, Miramax.

“We’re almost out of time.” They have one more announcement. They introduce the CEO of Myspace to debut Myspace TV “All the content you love now with a complete social experience.” “Myspace allows you to watch live TV while communicating with your closest friends.”

They now introduce their partner, Justin Timberlake. “We’re ready to take television and internet to the next step by upgrading it.”

-Nokia Press Event (LIVE UPDATES)
Check out the live blog from this event here

Introducing the Nokia Lumia 900!

Will come in black and Cyan, and LTE! and has 1800mAh battery, SECOND Windows phone with LTE and is ALSO going to AT&T

4.3 inch ClearBlack AMOLED Display, 1.4 GHz processor

5:00p Hour
Samsung Press Event (LIVE UPDATES)
Check out the live blog from this event here

Samsung reveals the ES8000 LED TV with the SMART Hub. — This TV looks absolutely beautiful. — Ability to run multiple apps without restarting each app.  — The TV will come up to 75″ — Samsung also announces integration of NBC Universal and Angry Birds for content.

Samsung makes their attempt at showing-up LG with their 55-inch Super OLED TV.  The beautiful TV will ship this year.

Samsung Notebook Series 9 — “Introducing the new Samsung Series 9 Notebook” — The new series 9 weighs only 2.5 lbs and is only 0.5 in thick, reducing the size from the original by almost 30%.  “30,000 hours development & design in only one year.”  This laptop features a SuperBright Plus display and backlit keyboard.  “The series 9 boots up in only 9.8 seconds” and the battery lasts 10 hours.

3:00p Hour
Dish Network reveals Hopper HD DVR, Joey set-top box and their new Test Drive service.  The Hopper HD DVR features a 2TB hard drive (up to 2,000 hours or 250 hours of HD/1,000 hours of SD).  Furthermore, this device can recored 6 channels at once.

Images via dishnetwork.com

2:00p Hour
Samsung follows-up the introduction of the Galaxy Note for AT&T with the announcement of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 for Verizon’s 4G LTE service, with a Super AMOLED Plus display.  The very thin (0.31 inch) tablet runs Android 3.2 Honeycomb, but clearly the main selling point of the device is its beautiful display.

1:00p Hour
AT&T announces the Galaxy Note with 4G LTE capability.  The device is rather large and features a 5.3-inch 1280×800 HD Super AMOLED display and runs Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.  It’s a nice-looking device, very similar to the Galaxy Note from other providers.

Sharp announces via their Press Event an 80-inch touch screen dubbed AQUOS Board, which will come in 60-, 70-, and 80-inch versions, each with a 1080p screen.  The screen features a built-in PC and Microsoft Office is integrated as well.  Sharp also announces 17 newer LCD TV’s in the next 90 days and their integration of ‘Smart Central’ in their TV’s, which features “the most popular apps and content.”  Also included are AQUOS Advantage and AQUOS Advantage Live to allow for remote troubleshooting by support staff.  Finally Sharp announces the development of AQUOS Freestyle as a “moving experience.” It’s a line of TV’s in 20-, 32-, 40- and 60-inch varieties which allow for “flexibility and mobility within the home” and also includes wifi connectivity.  The 20-inch comes in at just 5.5 lbs and even has a removable handle!

Intel announces via their press conference possibly one of the most-anticipated products at CES this year — the Nikishi Intel prototype.  The prototype features a glass touchpad that extends to both ends of the computer and functions as both a large touchpad as well as a keyboard.  The touchpad is intelligent enough to tell the difference between typing and using the cursor.  Also, when the computer is closed, the touchpad turns into a display that can be manipulated from the exterior using a finger for less demanding tasks such as simple scheduling, etc.

12:00p Hour
Sprint announces via web their introduction of 4G service paired with Google’s Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus.  Sprint will release 3 deviceson their 4G LTE Network : Galaxy Nexus, LG Viper and Sierra Wireless Tri-Network Hotspot

*Please note that all dates/times are in EST

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