Rumor Mill, Samsung Galaxy S III

It’s all about the rumors. Rumors and leaks is what builds up anticipation. Apple knows this all too well, especially with the whole stolen iPhone a few years back.  Well Apple’s arch nemesis Samsung, has more rumors building up about their newest flagship phone.

The Samsung Galaxy S III WILL NOT be announced at the MWC this year.  One of the main reasons, stated by Samsung, is to shorten the time between announcing the smartphone and launching it to the world.  And what I mean by launching it to the world, is that Samsung is planning on launching this phone in over 50 markets or cities simultaneously.  That’s good news to hear.

What’s even better is the latest spec rumors.  The screen will be a staggering 4.8-inch display featuring a Super AMOLED PLUS HD screen. (Enough is enough with the names of these displays…).  Also instead of the cheap feeling/looking plastic case, the phone will be covered by ceramic!


It’ll be pretty interesting to see this new design,  can’t wait to actually see this thing already!

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