Klout for iPhone Available for Download Now

Back in February I reported on Klout’s acquisition of Blockboard, an “early-stage startup that is dedicated to reconnecting neighbors and neighborhoods.”  This acquisition had set in stone what some believed to be true for  some time based on Tweets by the startup’s founder, Joe Fernandez, teasing the possibility of a mobile Klout.  Just two months later, Klout has already used their acquisition to deliver a mobile app for iPhone.

Read about Klout’s Acquisition of Blockboard

Stephen Hood, founder of Blockboard, posted the announcement on Klout’s corporate blog, remarking:

Klout for iPhone v1.0 helps you keep track of your influence wherever you go…This was a fast-paced project, going from zero to code-complete in under seven weeks. We’re very happy to be sharing these first efforts with our users. There’s much more to come, including an Android version and the ability to give out +K. Give the app a try and let us know what you think!

He even jokingly added that after you install the app, Justin Bieber will personally visit your office.

If you have an iPhone and download the app, give it a try and let us know if his other claim is true or not: “As a bonus, your Klout Score will instantly go up by 10 after you install this app.”

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