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dig·it·al mar·ket·ing

: using or characterized by computer technology
: the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising.

It may sound cliché, but in the digital world, the only true constant is change. If you aren’t keeping up with technology, you’re missing opportunities to connect with your customers and reach new ones.

Marketing Channels

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The Internet has changed how we decide what to buy — 47% of total revenue comes from purchases made in more than one day. The decision-making moment is referred to as the Zero Moment of Truth — or simply ZMOT. As the customer journey has grown more complex, it’s become even more critical for businesses to leverage all of the tools at their disposal. Various points of interaction (such as email, display ads, paid search ads, social, and direct visits to your website) all influence the customer at different points in the path to purchase. We take this into account by evaluating your digital presence from the perspective of “channels,” and we’ll help you better understand and influence how customers perceive and interact with your brand online.

How We Do It

As the old proverb goes, “measure twice, cut once.” You wouldn’t present a quarterly report without first having an understanding of the “big picture.” We take an analytical, yet rational approach to digital projects, helping you interpret the story the numbers are telling. We’re all for experimentation, but this approach means focusing our effort on the channels that will help you reach more customers and maximize your impact.

Your Channels:


Your online storefront. Your customers don’t consider your website optional anymore — so why should you? Customers rely on your website for timely, accurate and valuable information. Your website is just as much a reflection of your brand as your physical storefront, office or employees are. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or you have something outdated that needs a “fresh coat of paint,” we’ll advise you on the right strategy to have your customers saying “wow” before you know it.


Your brand’s voice. News flash: we’re living in a knowledge economy — information rules. Once someone discovers your website or social media, what are they going to see? It’s all about providing value. If you’re a local bakery, giving your customers an exclusive look inside the kitchen will probably pique their interest. If you’re a boutique management consultancy, helping solve key industry challenges may be the most valuable information. We’ll help you understand your audience at a deeper level to help keep them coming back for more.


Connect with your customers. We strongly believe that any brand can create engaging content, but it’s about understanding your audience, where they spend their time and what they’re looking for. While Chobani has found a lot of success on Instagram showcasing mouthwatering greek yogurt recipes, your strategic advisory firm may be better off on Tumblr highlighting your unique office environment and upbeat culture. We’ll work with you to determine what feels right and will yield the best return.


Stand out in the crowd. If you’re not being found, your competitors surely are. Google search has become contextual — meaning they’ll display results they believe provide the most value to the searcher. We don’t believe in “black hat SEO” tactics that risk your brand’s credibility, but we do believe that if you’re providing useful information, you’ll be rewarded.


Location, location, location. Having a great website is only half the battle today. Searches are driven by speed and convenience, which is why more than seventy-five percent of mobile searches are conducted at home or work. We’ll help you use mobile to your advantage, meaning more customers finding you when and where it counts most.

Who We Are

We’ve been around the digital block, having helped business of all shapes and sizes reach their customers and achieve their goals. But we don’t rest on our laurels. Technology evolves every single day — meaning more opportunity for you. That’s why we’re always experimenting with something new.

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