Recent initiatives such as and Project Loon seek to empower the world’s population with the same access to tools and information that helped facilitate the very success of their founding members, including Facebook and Google.

A wide gap between the developed and developing countries currently exists. In the United

Apple announced that the next generation of the iPhone and iPad will not come with a pre-installed app to let users watch YouTube videos.  Apple’s license to include the YouTube app recently expired and has not been renewed. Perhaps it was not renewed because of the growing rivalry between the tech giants.

We all knew it was only a matter of time until someone filed a lawsuit against LinkedIn for the huge password breach earlier this month — where the Russian hacker stole over 6 million user passwords.

Katie Szpyrka, an Illinois woman, filed suit in San Jose California Federal Court. Szpyrka seeks

Google has been taking a lot of heat recently for their mapping technology, Google Maps, including privacy issues with ‘Street View’ and most recently, concerns over an announcement that they will be updating their maps using a “fleet of planes [that] will fly above U.S. cities to provide map

It’s official — Facebook (FB) now trades on the Nasdaq.  Originally priced at $38 per share, after it’s first day of trading, nothing really happened.  Despite vast speculation and rumors surrounding the Silicon Valley IPO, all those rumors amounted to a gain of just 0.61% or a $0.23 total gain.

Announced today, Google has completely re-tooled their coveted search algorithm and launched something called the ‘Knowledge Graph.’  Up until today, [arguably] the world’s best search engine has matched search results to user queries using the word or string of words input by the user.  However, Google says that’s not enough