We all knew it was only a matter of time until someone filed a lawsuit against LinkedIn for the huge password breach earlier this month — where the Russian hacker stole over 6 million user passwords.

Katie Szpyrka, an Illinois woman, filed suit in San Jose California Federal Court. Szpyrka seeks

It’s official — Facebook (FB) now trades on the Nasdaq.  Originally priced at $38 per share, after it’s first day of trading, nothing really happened.  Despite vast speculation and rumors surrounding the Silicon Valley IPO, all those rumors amounted to a gain of just 0.61% or a $0.23 total gain.

On May 3, 2012, LinkedIn announced that they will acquire SlideShare for about $119M in cash and stock. LinkedIn and SlideShare worked well together in the past, so I expect this acquisition to bring their partnership to even greater heights! While LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with 161

Instagram’s slogan: “Fast beautiful photo sharing.”  Although facebook’s open graph and timeline have certainly improved mobile photo sharing for Facebook users, I think most people would agree that the mobile Facebook photo sharing experience is anything but those four words that Founder Kevin Systrom uses to describe his $1 billion app

OMGPOP, a social gaming developer/publisher, released this wildly addicting, yet incredibly entertaining game called Draw Something back in February. This pictionary-like game has been downloaded over 35 million times, soaring to the top of the gaming charts as the #1 Overall Paid and Free App! I’m sure you’ve  heard of this game already