Recent initiatives such as and Project Loon seek to empower the world’s population with the same access to tools and information that helped facilitate the very success of their founding members, including Facebook and Google.

A wide gap between the developed and developing countries currently exists. In the United

Apple announced that the next generation of the iPhone and iPad will not come with a pre-installed app to let users watch YouTube videos.  Apple’s license to include the YouTube app recently expired and has not been renewed. Perhaps it was not renewed because of the growing rivalry between the tech giants.

Google has been taking a lot of heat recently for their mapping technology, Google Maps, including privacy issues with ‘Street View’ and most recently, concerns over an announcement that they will be updating their maps using a “fleet of planes [that] will fly above U.S. cities to provide map

Announced today, Google has completely re-tooled their coveted search algorithm and launched something called the ‘Knowledge Graph.’  Up until today, [arguably] the world’s best search engine has matched search results to user queries using the word or string of words input by the user.  However, Google says that’s not enough

Back in February I reported on Klout’s acquisition of Blockboard, an “early-stage startup that is dedicated to reconnecting neighbors and neighborhoods.”  This acquisition had set in stone what some believed to be true for  some time based on Tweets by the startup’s founder, Joe Fernandez, teasing the possibility of a mobile Klout.

Remember that awesome surround sound system you bought and so meticulously calibrated for your home theater or gaming experience? And despite all your hard work, the sound still wasn’t perfect unless you were perfectly situated in the center of the room, in the so-called “sweet spot.” Well, Microsoft’s recent patent application, filed on Thursday

It’s getting hot, hot, hot! Well, that’s what a Japanese woman said about her 1st generation iPod nano as it burst into flames while she was charging it, severely burning her hand. The Japanese court ordered Apple Japan to pay restitution to the victim in the sum of $7,400 for pain and

For all of you who have HTC phones, you may want to figure out a new way to back up your phones. Well, those who use HTC’s cloud back up services anyway.  On April 30th, HTC plans to shut down this service in